The Play Company is a New York based theater company dedicated to advancing an international view of contemporary playwrights. The company was formed to address the lack of access to plays from other parts of the world, and to promote theatre as a means to engage with issues and artists internationally.  American playwrights are also included in the repertoire as relevant to this global dialog.  Kate Loewald, founder and producer and her colleagues have built cultural alliances with their counterparts all over the world. They have adhered to making the productions affordable and accessible through modest ticket prices and grassroots outreach to the city's many cultural communities.

    In 2007, the Play Co. received an OBIE Theatre Grant Award for its contribution to the Off-Broadway theatre community.

    The upcoming January production  "Working on a Special Day" has been adapted from Etore Scola's "Un Giornata Particulare" about a chance meeting in 1938 on the day that Rome celebrates Hitler's visit to Mussolini