The Choreographer, BEBE MILLER  formed The Bebe Miller Company in 1985 with a vision of dance and performance that resides in her faith in the moving body as a record of thought, experience and sheer beauty.  Seeking to expand the language of dance, Miller's work encompasses choreography, writing, film, video and digital media.  Committed to keeping dance available to a wide spectrum of people, the Company is also dedicated to providing access to the creative process and expression to diverse people in a community.

After two decades of operating as a traditional touring dance company,  BMC is now structured as a "virtual company," with members living in various locations around the U.S.  New work is developed over a period of years in long-term residencies that bring BMC dancers and project collaborators together for creative exploration, rehearsals, and community-based activities.  BMC is pioneering the use of digital media--DVDs, CD-Roms, website--as "process bulletins" for dancers and collaborators to effectively communicate in an ongoing "virtual residency."  The public availability of this media is a means to share company process and technological explorations with the dance field, artists in other disciplines, and the public.