AAG Gallery + About Glamour is a unique multi-retail space, which encompasses a vintage shop and gallery space. Its mission is to provide a platform in which emerging creativity from all over the world can exhibit and promote their work, whether that entails fashion, art, music or design.

In the gallery space, About Glamour exhibits various artists and designers of all media and fields, and we are always looking for new talents. We had featured a variety of artists including Brooklyn-based local artists international artists from Japan and other countries, and we welcome any sort of creative expression from all kinds of generation.

The "About" in About Glamour is not, in fact, English. As the management team of About Glamour has a strong Japanese background, it decided to use Japanese coinage from English. It can be translated as “Rough,” “Easy Going,” or “Flexible.”

About Glamour is a New York corporation based in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn since 2003.