The purpose of the Bronx Festival of the Arts is to create greater exposure for the many talented artists -- painters, poets, musicians, dancers, photographers, multi-media artists -- working and living in the great borough. Visitors from throughout the New York area are invited to experience the rich, diverse culture ever-growing and thriving just north of Manhattan.

There is not only a revival going on in the Bronx, but a Renaissance of creativity. SoBro is filling up with creative artists flocking to its neighborhoods because of the affordability of available housing. Brilliant architecture and broad boulevards welcoming urban historians and filmmakers; the colorful beaches, marinas and shorelines at Orchard and City Island welcoming photographers, painters and filmmakers; the diverse neighborhoods filled with varied languages and cuisines from the restaurants at Arthur Avenue to the splendid gardens and vistas at Wave Hill in Riverdale continue to inspire poets, writers and musicians to sing their praises. From Yankee Stadium to Van Cortlandt Park, our old Dutch borough has released a fountain of languages and immigrant cultures consistently contributing to our greatness.

The Bronx Festival of the Arts celebrates all our brilliant multiculturalism. There will be singing, dancing, gallery openings, music performances and poetry readings throughout the entire borough.