New York's Shakespeare in the Parking Lot is a project of The Drillling Company. All of its performances are staged in the Municipal Parking Lot at the corner of Ludlow and Broome Streets, Manhattan. Performances are free and play Thursdays - Saturdays at 8 pm during the season.. For more info call 212-873-9050 or visit

    The productions are typically intrepid, bare-boned and often gloriously ingenious adaptations of the classics. For example, in 2010, Hamilton Clancy staged "Julius Caesar" as a battle for control of an urban school system, with women playing Brutus and Cassius. In 2011, director Kathy Curtiss set "The Comedy of Errors" in a pizzeria in Little Italy.

    The company stresses that the Parking Lot has now become a versatile theater where it presents its work, not unlike the Globe was to Shakespeare."We believe the Parking Lot can be a container for a range of directorial interpretations and perspectives. We're in the Parking Lot because it's a great place to present the play, not as a site specific interpretation."

    Offerings in the summer of 2013 are supported by the Department for Cultural Affairs and the the New York State Council on the Arts, Con Edison, and the Department of Transportation.