Founded in 2005 by artist, musician and visionary Shawn James, The Greenpoint Gallery is a non-profit gallery that exists to facilitate creativity in all disciplines by providing the perfect solution for New York City artists seeking an affordable and flexible performance, exhibition, and music rehearsal space in which to fulfill their visions. Along with two floors of spacious galleries and rehearsal space, several studios spaces are available for rotating artists in residence. These artists are able to subsidize their private studios by participating in Gallery events, workshops, lectures and art education classes.

To help facilitate Gallery sponsored events and the maintenance and operation of the space, the Greenpoint Gallery is available for rent. This allows us to remain independent and self-sustaining in our commitment to serve the artistic community. Our space can accommodate virtually any purpose where a large, well-lit, open space is needed. These revenues go directly back into the Gallery, funding art education programs for NYC youth, and enabling partial or full grants toward rental fees for extraordinary proposals that demonstrate financial need.