The main goal of the Brazilian Endowment for the Arts is to further enhance the exchange of cultures between Brazil and the United States of America. It strives to achieve this goal by promoting the use of Brazilian texts and arts in the United States. Additionally, the B.E.A.supports local artists, writers,  musicians and cinematographers whose works reveal Brazilian culture through various mediums. By opening its doors to artists, B.E.A. has created a multifunctional performance space in which they can showcase and perform their work. Most importantly, by working with educational institutions and a wide array of organizations, theB.E.A. promotes the Brazilian culture and language in the United States.

The Brazilian Endowment for the Arts is a tax-exempt, non-profit cultural center dedicated exclusively to the development and promotion of Brazilian arts, literature and traditions in the United States.

The Endowment was originally founded under the name UBENY (Brazilian Writers Association of New York) by writer Domício Coutinho at the turn of the 21st century.  In the year 2006, Professor Coutinho created the Brazilian Library of New York.  The library and research center located in the heart of Manhattan has over 4,000 volumes at disposal of the Brazilian community and the general public.