The Children's Art Carnival, founded in 1969, lives up to its name with a wide array of art programs for children and young adults. Programs in the school's landmark building in upper Manhattan, as well as in schools in four boroughs and field trips to art-related sites around the city, enrich and motivate young people. Young artists flex their creative muscles as they strengthen their abilities in painting, puppetry, 3-D construction, collage, printmaking, clay sculpture, photography, ceramics, cartooning, video production, fabric design and computer graphics.


The interdisciplinary Afternoon Early Childhood Program, for children ages 4 to 7, weaves together the visual arts, storytelling and creative writing as children explore and experience nature, science and the environment. The Afterschool Creative Arts Program, for children ages 8 to 13, includes art activities and exposure to career possibilities in the arts. It features trips to museums, theaters and other art-related institutions. Young people ages 14 to 25 may take a more intensive fine-arts training program. Summer Art Camp, a program of classes at the spectacular Riverbank State Park on the Hudson River, and a Summer Apprenticeship Training and Stipend Program are also offered. Summer Art Camp offered for special education groups.


Programs at the Children's Art Carnival integrate the arts with other curriculum areas, making them especially valuable to school groups. Workshops not only build students' interests and abilities in the visual and communication arts, they provide model art programs as well for replication in the schools. Programs range from one-hour workshops at CAC for children with special needs to year-long in-school programs covering a wide range of creative arts disciplines. Lesson plans are available for some projects.