While its name might allude to an electrifying experience of fun, this one is more on a the deadly side. New York City plays home to some of the brightest and most beautiful stages for talented actors to come and showcase their skills. The Elektra Theatre at Times Scare is just that…only it's geared toward more of the those in the undead category. That's right, the Elektra Theatre at Times Scare plays host to some of the most ghoulish and frightening performances that you can find in the city, and you won't have to wait until Halloween until you can enjoy these acts. We're far too accustomed to waiting until October rolls around until we can finally find a little room in our lives for some scares, but that's not the case with the Elektra Theatre.

You won't have to wait until Fall to enjoy some performances that will entertain and frighten the pants right off of you. Everyone's a big fan of the classics like Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Phantom of the Opera. But these performances will blow you away with deadly renditions of the most bone-rattling frightening scores in music and performance art. Find the show that's right for you, and the one that you feel you have the most courage to sit through, and prepare for an experience that you won't forget.