Catinca Tabacaru Gallery presents international contemporary artists whose practice and vision seek relevance in the present global moment. The program focuses on strong conceptual pursuit, process that is approached with rigor, and aesthetics that often revere, and sometimes reject, beauty.

Since its inception in 2009, the gallery has been committed to representing and cultivating the careers of young artists to offer the support and exposure needed for the work to develop and speak on its own merit.  As each artist continually refines their physical and conceptual output, the growing collection of ideas evolves as its reach increases.

Relevance to the geopolitical environment, identity, gender, and themes of time and spirituality run deep throughout the program.  The gallery has begun publishing a variety of catalogues, participates in international art fairs and frequently curates interdisciplinary cultural projects.

In 2014 the gallery will move from its current home, a private space open by appointment on the Upper West Side, to a public space on the Lower East Side at 250 Broome Street. The official opening takes place on May 16th, so please welcome CATINCA TABACARU gallery.