A Blade of Grass

A Blade of Grass is a new funding non-profit that is dedicated to nurturing socially engaged art—an evolving field at the intersection of art and social change. We provide Fellowship resources to artists who demonstrate artistic excellence, work actively in dialogue with communities at ambitious scale, and enact social change. And we create events and content in order to foster an inclusive, practical discourse about the aesthetics, function, ethics and meaning of socially engaged art.

A Gathering of Tribes

A Gathering of Tribes sponsors a creative open mic night on Thursdays, and the gallery mounts a new exhibition each month in its historic brownstone. It hosts weekly writing workshops, and A Gathering of the Tribes magazine features new poetry and fiction as well as art-related reviews, essays and interviews.

A Private Studio

An intimate setting where one is pampered and indulged. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A Public Space

A Public Space—an independent magazine of art and argument, fact and fiction—was founded in 2006 to give voice to the twenty-first century.

A.I.R. Gallery

The A.I.R. Gallery, founded in 1972, was the first cooperative for women artists. Included in the original membership were artists such as Nancy Spero, Howardena Pindell, Dotty Attie and Agnes Denes. Its exhibiting members are a core group of 20 artists plus 15 affiliates from around the country. A.I.R. strives to bring the work of its talented members to the awareness of museums, collectors and critics in the hope that, by doing this, attitudes about art made by women will continue to change. Through lectures and symposia, the gallery addresses topics of general concern to the public; and through its ...

A.I.R./Artists in Residence Gallery

Artists in Residence's mission is to advance the status of women artists by exhibiting diverse work of the highest quality and by providing a sense of community to women artists. The A.I.R. Gallery, founded in 1972, was the first cooperative for women artists.

Aaron Davis Hall

Aaron Davis Hall is a three-theater venue operated by Harlem Stages. Its box office is at the Gatehouse venue, across the street.

Aaron Faber Gallery

Aaron Faber Gallery was founded in 1974 to present the work of studio jewelers, those artists creating one-of-a-kind jewels that are inspired by creativity and originality, made in the artist’s studio and imbued with the artist’s spirit, concept and style. The gallery, owned by Edward and Patricia Faber is located on West 53rd Street down the block from the Museum of Modern Art, where its contemporary interior is the backdrop for changing exhibitions by studio jewelers as well as permanent collections by the gallery’s artist group. For more information, please visit www.aaronfaber.com.

ABAKUÁ Afro-Latin Dance Company

The dance and theatrical repertory of ABAKUA' Afro-Latin Company is designed to reach a broad audience and to nurture the widespread appreciation of Afro-Latin dance.

ABC No Rio

ABC No Rio mounts seven to ten exhibitions a year at its Rivington Street gallery. Its Saturday Matinee features independent punk and hardcore music artists. Their Sunday afternoon open poetry readings have become a regular gathering, and their Sunday evening series of experimental and improvisational music presents electric, acoustic and jazz.